Veleza: a simple app to help you shop for skincare products

We know there are plenty of life-hacking, game-playing and selfie-sending apps on the market, but what about those dedicated to the world of beauty?

Launched in the UK this week, Veleza is a free app created to take the stress away from buying, trialling and often failing to find the right products and is dedicated to helping regular customers make better skincare purchasing decisions.

Of course this is a bold claim from the team behind the app, but by accessing information about the products you already use, connecting you with people who have the same tastes and providing you with all kinds of feedback tools, Veleza aims to be a one-stop-shop for skincare shopping.

We tested Veleza out for ourselves and we were impressed with the overall experience – it’s got a particularly intuitive and great-looking interface. You start by taking photos of your favourite products, which the app (slowly) recognises. You can then browse a stream of users and take a look at what they’re loving at the moment. To be honest it’s all a little basic right now, but if it gains momentum and adds in the raft of new features the press released we received promises, then it could have potential. The team claims that over the coming months, Veleza will also have added personal recommendations for each user – a feature that could well make or break the app.

The cynics amongst you will be wondering whether Veleza is affiliated with a brand it’ll subtly push users into buying, but don’t worry, the press release we received assures us the app is completely “brand agnostic”.

One of the app’s founders, and the brains behind Veleza, Martynas Nikolajevas, said:

“Skin care is a substantial market and the pain of choosing the right product is widespread. However, no one has solved the problem of matching skin care product to the individual user in an accurate and honest fashion. We’ve developed a combination of data analytics platform as well as a beautiful and simple-to-use iPhone app, which now available for UK consumers.”

Velez is currently only available for iOS devices and can be bought from the app store here.

Becca Caddy