Valour: a smart bike that keeps you safe and on the right track

We’ve seen a few great-looking smart bikes over the past few months, but the Valour is the best when it comes to combining style with modern connected capabilities.

The Valour is designed to make cycling in urban environments easier, and not to mention safer, than ever.

First up, the bike pairs up with a dedicated app, which tells you the quickest way to get to your destination. But instead of having to keep referring to a screen on the bike or getting your phone out every five minutes, Valour has a series of lights built into its handlebars that communicate with you throughout your journey, flashing when you need to start turning and giving you plenty of warning about your next change in direction.

The Valour also has blind spot detection, in order to ensure that you’re always aware of other vehicles around you and there are plans to form a network of Valour users to allow them to connect and share important information with each other, like details about bumpy or closed roads.

Vanhawks, the team behind Valour, are currently seeking funding for the smart bike on Kickstarter and for a pledge of $999 you can get your hands on one now. Admittedly it’s not cheap (!!!), but we’re excited to see what Vanhawks has got planned for the future.


Becca Caddy

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  • not cheap? considering the slew of features and carbon fiber frame, this bike is an absolute steal

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