Tumblr apps now let you edit your blog from your mobile

Today simple blogging platform Tumblr has announced that its users can now customise the way their Tumblr blog looks directly from within its iOS app with a brand new baked-in editor.

Tumblr is one of the most open blogging platforms when it comes to basic customisation that doesn’t require you to host your blog yourself or pay a fortune in added feeds.

Up until now all of these awesome customisations have only been available to web-based users and although Tumblr’s apps are intuitive and easy-to-use, they don’t look half as good or as personalised as Tumblr does if you’re accessing it from your computer.

Today’s update now allows Tumblr users to make a range of customisations to their blogs, including adding a header image, trying out different fonts and applying what Tumblr describes as an “infinity” of colours.

Although the new editing features may only apply to a few dedicated Tumblr fans, it’s good to see that the platform’s mobile experience is now just as advanced as its web-based experience. This is clearly very important given how many of us are slowly shifting away from our computers and onto our phones when it comes to social media and blogging habits.

Becca Caddy

One thought on “Tumblr apps now let you edit your blog from your mobile

  • Awful article. This update is a change in aesthetics only. It still doesn't allow you to do any of the BASIC tasks you can do on the desktop version. Not to mention its been pretty glitchy for droid users. The app is for browsers and rebloggers only.

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