Samsung Galaxy Note 4 rumoured to be bigger and better

iPhone rumours have been swirling for months, but new reports about Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 are a reminder that there’s more than one gadget to get excited about this autumn.

As you’d expect, the phablet will be an upgrade from last year’s Note 3, with a significant improvement in screen resolution for the display: going from 1920 x 1080 to 2560 x 1440 Quad HD.

While some sources have the 5.7-inch screen size staying the same, Android Geeks expect it to grow to an even bigger 5.9.

Insiders also told SamMobile that Samsung is testing four new features for the Note 4: Multi Network for Booster, Swipe to launch Motion Launcher, Aqua Capture, and Smart Fingerprint. There’s no detail on exactly what these functions will be capable of, but it sounds like they’ll allow for faster downloads, underwater photos, a sophisticated fingerprint sensor (we thought using it to pay by PayPal on the S5 was impressive enough), and the ability to open different functions with a quick swipe or tap when the screen is off.

The Galaxy S5 has an existing version of most of these features (except the motion launcher) and is apparently being used to test the new, improved versions, so it’s possible phone users might see these upgrades in their future, too.

For the moment though, we’ll have to wait and see: the rumoured release date for the Note 4 is September 3rd.

Diane Shipley