ReKixx launches Emerge eco-friendly trainers

Back in 2012, US-based entrepreneur Gary Gagnon launched ReKixx on Kickstarter, a project to bring stylish, eco-friendly, landfill-free footwear to the globe. After raising more than $44,000 from this initial project, Gagnon is back with the Emerge sneakers.

Just like the rest of the ReKixx range, the Emerge sneakers are eco-friendly, but this time round they’ve been designed with much more mass-market appeal and look a lot like the Converse sneaker-style we all know and love.

The great thing about the ReKixx footwear is that it isn’t just appealing because it’s eco-friendly, but the designs are also incredibly comfortable, light-weight and breathable.

For a $44 Kickstarter pledge you can get your hands on a pair of Emerge.





Becca Caddy

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