Our 5 coolest drone camera videos

Drones look set to be the next big thing as technology has now reached a point where all of the components are tiny enough for little helicopter-style blades to lift them up – whilst sending a WiFi signal back to a smartphone in real time. Having become a bit obsessed with them recently, and how amazingly they can capture their surroundings, we thought we’d take a look at the best drone camera videos on the web.

Las Vegas

This drone video allows us to fly around Sin City during the day and night. Showing the incredible strip of huge hotels from every angle, including the lazy river in the Mandalay Bay, this video is very cool – and definitely makes us want to go to Vegas immediately!

Shock landslide in Italy

This amazing drone footage shows just how close a train came to falling into the sea. The remarkable images show the aftermath of a landslide which derailed the locomotive, when adverse weather conditions caused widespread havoc in the Liguria region of Italy. Just why there is a train line built so close to the edge of a cliff is unclear.

Vienne Cathedral, France

This incredible footage shows the Vienne Cathedral, dedicated to Saint Maurice, and a national monument of France, in the city of Vienne, Isère. The drone actually manages to get inside the Roman Catholic cathedral, so you don’t even have to do the travelling to see it!


It’s not just exciting cities like Vegas that people film drones on. Evidently from this video, even dreary old Birmingham manages to look quite pretty in this video. The camera swoops over parks and around the Selfridges’ building, and almost makes it look like somewhere you’d actually want to visit!

Dolphins and whales

Lastly, the amazing thing about drones is that they can capture footage as incredible as this – dolphins and whales migrating. This video shows a megapod of dolphins stampeding off Dana Point, a trio of migrating gray whales off San Clemente and some touching footage of a newborn humpback whale and its mum playing off the coast of Maui while an escort whale stands watch.

Hayley Minn