Light therapy glasses could cure seasonal affective disorder

As much as we all prefer sunny days to gloomy ones, Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD) affects millions of people all over the globe, leaving them feeling lethargic and down during the winter months, which can even lead to full blown depression.

Although some of those who suffer from SAD are given medication, the most effective treatment has long been light therapy and patients are given special lamps to keep in their homes or at their desks to mimic sunlight.

Now this kind of light therapy tech has been made more convenient than ever by students at Drexel University, who have developed the first pair of light therapy glasses.

The special spectacles shine light from the frames straight to the wearer’s face and eyes throughout the day. Although the strength of the light is 2,000 lux, the device isn’t as blinding or annoying as some of the lamps specially-designed for those suffering from SAD, which you have to stare at for prolonged periods of time.

The convenience of the light therapy glasses means therapy is likely to be more effective, so we hope what started out as a prototype for design student Troy Hudson’s thesis soon becomes a reality.

Becca Caddy