Hipstamatic to take on Vine with its Cinamatic video app full of filters


Hipstamatic, one of the first big players in the mobile photography game, is set to launch its own short video app, Cinamatic. But will it give Instagram and Vine a run for their money?

Seasoned photography app fans will be familiar with Hipstamatic. It was one of the first apps to hit our phones that allowed us to transform our crystal clear images into grainy, blurry photos that looked like they were taken around the time our gran was growing up.

Well, after being overtaken by Instagram in the filter game, Hipstamatic is back to take another stab at making everything look like it was from the 70s with a new video app called Cinamatic.

Set to take on Instagram’s videos and Vine, the app allows users to upload 15 second videos and apply a range of filters to them. As it stands the app is pretty basic, with no feed or editing options, but according to the team that’s the whole point. It’s meant to be basic and focused on turning your videos in filtered-out creations that you can then go on to share elsewhere.

Although many people are already being use to sharing their short videos on Instagram and Vine, it’ll be interesting to see whether Cinamatic’s filters can entice anyone away and whether the team can take everything they’ve learned from Hipstamatic and turn that into mobile app gold with this latest venture.

Becca Caddy