TomTom launches new fitness watch for serious runners

This week TomTom has launched a new GPS watch aimed at runners who really want to improve their fitness and get an insight into a whole range of stats about their performance.

The Runner Cardio has a built-in heart rate monitor, which makes it one of the most state of the art fitness devices – most others need a pesky chest strap to collect that kind of data. A built-in Mio optical sensor is what makes the Runner Cardio so advanced and accurate, as it monitors the most subtle changes in blood flow by shining light through the skin on your arm.

Runners can select one of five different work-out intensity zones, depending on what they’re training for and how hard they want to push themselves. They’ll then be served up with alerts about whether they need to speed up or slow down to reach their goals, as well as their real-time heart rate, distance they’ve travelled, their pace and all kinds of basic information about their run all from their wrist.

The TomTom Runner Cardio is available to order from the TomTom website for £249.99.

Becca Caddy