Q&Q solar-powered, colour-popping watches are perfect for spring

We love these, light, bright and eco-friendly watches from Japanese company Q&Q, which according to Cool Hunter stands for Quest & Quality.

The SmileSolar range is completely solar-powered, which is why we’re suggesting them to our UK audience now in time for the spring and summer months, because let’s face it, you probably wouldn’t have been able to use them here during the winter!

But don’t worry, you don’t need wall-to-wall sunshine for one of these to keep ticking, one single solar charge can power the watch for up to three and a half months, meaning there’s hardly any maintenance necessary. Each watch has a unique colour-way and also has a durable waterproof casing too.

Still can’t justify one of these bright and sunny watches? Well they’re also all eco-friendly – the strap and case incorporate recycled materials – and a percentage of sales go towards a non-profit that delivers meals to school children in Africa and Asia. See, now you have no excuse.

You can buy watches from the Q&Q online store for $40.

Becca Caddy