Overprotective app checks up on you when you travel alone

We’ve come across a number of wearables recently that aren’t about tracking your steps or notifying you of a text message, but are focused on keeping you safe. Our favourite so far has to be Cuff, because its security system range actually looks worth wearing. But if you want to stay safe and you’re on a budget then Kitestring might be the next best thing.

Kitestring is a simple web app that tells your friends and family that you’re safe. You enter your ETA on Kitestring and it’ll then send you a text message that you need to reply to in a time that you’ve specified. If you don’t respond to the message your emergency contacts will get an alert.

Okay so it’s a little basic and you could just text the people close to you when you arrive at your final destination and cut out the middleman, but it offers peace of mind for parents who worry about their kids travelling alone or just living in a big city and wandering about at night.

Becca Caddy