makes shopping for wearable tech much easier

Today has launched a new wearable tech store. Well, not an ACTUAL store, but a storefront to house the new Wearable Technology part of its site that’s designed to make shopping for the latest wearable devices much easier.

The wearable tech portal includes featured brands, lists of products, an editor’s corner for editorial about the sector, buying guides and much more. The brands that are currently featured on the site include Fitbit, Samsung Galaxy Gear, Narrative Clip and Misfit Shine.

Many are questioning whether Amazon’s Wearable Technology section has been launched prematurely given that it’s early days for wearables and mobile health. But, with more and more devices being launched onto the market everyday, it makes sense to be at the forefront of educating people about what’s available, and of course it presents a great retail experience so the e-commerce giant can sell more stuff.

The Wearable Technology section is currently on, which means if you click through to the products you’re given US currency, product options and delivery info. However, anyone can access the information about the products, get useful information from the buying guides and read Amazon’s take on the sector in the editor’s corner area, you might just have to go hunting on if there’s anything you want to buy.

Becca Caddy