The Amazon Dash stick does your shopping for you

We all know writing shopping lists is dull, which is why many of us don’t, only to get back from the supermarket with none of the stuff we did need and just 27 bottles of wine and a load of confetti and quiches instead. Well Amazon aims to fix all of that with its Dash barcode-scanning magic stick.

The online retail giant has unveiled the 6″ device that allows you to scan the barcodes from groceries – or just tell it what you want – then it’ll connect directly to the web via Wi-Fi and order everything you need through its own same-day delivery service, called AmazonFresh.

Some of this functionality is already available through Amazon’s smartphone apps, but the Dash makes planning and shopping easier than ever. So the big question is, can the Dash revolutionise shopping in the same way the Kindle revolutionised reading?

Now before you start getting excited, for now the device is only available for AmazonFresh customers based in a select few cities in the states. But knowing Amazon if it proves to be a success it’ll roll out to the rest of us pretty quickly.

Image via Headlines & Heroes Flickr.


Becca Caddy