Twitter might take a second stab at a music service


Remember when Twitter launched a music app and service called #Music? Yeah, we don’t either, but it looks like we wrote about it this time last year. Last week Twitter officially removed #Music from the app store, presumably because no one was really using it.

Well now according to Wall Street Journal, Twitter is already considering its next music step, taking the lessons it learned from #Music forward to create something we’ll all actually want to use.

So far very few details about Twitter’s new music strategy have been revealed, but a rep told WSJ it would be all about incorporating “music conversations and content” into Twitter rather than creating another standalone app.

Twitter has allegedly been in talks with Beats, Vevo and Sony Music Entertainment, so there could be some interesting collaborations on the horizon. More of a music focus certainly makes sense given there are so many artists actively using the platform with huge followings, but without signing deals with many of the labels out there it looks like direct access to tracks aren’t on the cards just yet.

Becca Caddy