New heating system allows remote control of individual room temperatures

light-wave-rf-big.jpgSystems that allow us to control the temperature of our homes from our phones have been gaining popularity over the past year and are no longer just fun toys for uber techy types, so it’s no surprise we’re seeing a whole load of new and exciting innovations in this space.

At Gadget Show Live in April, LightwaveRF is launching a new element to its range of smart home products, which will provide people with more control over their home’s heating system than ever before.

The new Heating Range will allow people to monitor and control their heating systems by using a smartphone, a tablet or a PC wherever in the world they are. A few systems already allow this amount of control via remote devices, but LightwaveRF’s latest release also gives home owners control over boiler on/off times, the temperature of individual rooms (and even individual radiators) and the temperature of designated “zones” within their homes too.

According to a press release from LightwaveRF, the products from the new Heating Range will be available from mid-summer 2014.

Becca Caddy