Rollei launches snow gear for Winter Olympics wannabes


If watching the Winter Olympics has motivated you to throw yourself down ski slopes and show off your snowy sporting abilities (rather than cuddle up in a ball while wearing a onesie), then Rollei’s latest collection of snow gear may help.

The camera manufacturer has just released details of its foray into extreme sporting eyewear with the Rollei Sky Googles (pictured above), which have a 135° wide angle lens and a 5.0 Megapixel, and HD video resolution (1080p) camera.

As well as the Rollei Sunglasses, which have full HD video resolution (1920×1080/30fps), a 5.0 Megapixel Sensor with a 63° and 135° field of view angles and up to 60 minutes of recording time to boot.

Although Rollei is known for its cameras rather than its good-looking accessories, they’re stylish enough for the slopes and at €229.99 for the Goggles and €129.99 to €169.99 for the Sunglasses they’re not too expensive for those that already take the slopes seriously.

Becca Caddy