Facebook: Look Back videos to be made for deceased users' families

facebook-look-back-big.jpgFacebook seems to be taking cues from the mediocre 2004 movie The Final Cut, in which Robin Williams plays a guy who splices together the memory implants of recently deceased people in order to create idyllic little video montages for their loved ones.

According to a statement released by the social network on Friday, the Facebook team will soon be able to create the same Look Back videos it allowed active users to access last month, but for the loved ones of those who have passed away instead.

The decision was allegedly made after a user’s father requested to see a Look Back video of his son’s life, who had recently died. Facebook made his wish come true in this case, but it acknowledges it has a few issues to sort before this is rolled out as a feature across the whole platform.

Becca Caddy