Yahoo reveals what was most searched for in 2013 (warning: possible despair)

There’s no better way to challenge your left-wing values opinions about freedom of speech and participatory democracy than actually encountering the general public. This can be done on a weekly basis by taking a look at the Question Time audience – but today Yahoo have announced a top ten list of what people have been searching for this year. And by “people”, it obviously means “people who don’t know how to change their browser homepage”, because who uses Yahoo these days?


Here’s the first list – the Top Ten of all search terms:

The Top Ten of Everything 2013

1. Royal Baby
2. iPhone
3. Arsenal FC
4. Kindle
5. Liverpool FC
6. House Prices
7. Football Transfers
8. One Direction
9. iPad
10. Manchester United

Interesting to see that Kindle is the more interesting brand than iPad – a sign that Apple’s dominance is being challenged, or that more people can afford Kindles?

Yahoo have put together a top ten tech searches too – quite how “Samsung Galaxy” ranks above iPad in this list, but doesn’t make the over all list… your guess is as good as mine.

Yahoo Most Searched 2013 Tech

1. iPhone
2. Kindle
3. Samsung Galaxy
4. iPad
5. Playstation 4
6. Xbox One
7. Blackberry
8. iPod
9. Nokia Lumia
10. Sony Xperia

Interesting too to see the PS4 just edging about the Xbox One – a sign of things to come? Blackberry are probably in there for less happy reasons, given that this was the year they basically just gave up and retreated to the corporate market.

And just for fun, here’s the top ten news stories searched for – with the Daily Mail royal baby and house prices agenda clearly edging out the competition. Bad luck Assad – there’s always next year!

Yahoo Most Searched News Stories

1. Royal Baby
2. House Prices
3. Nelson Mandela
4. Rolf Harris
5. Oscar Pistorius
6. Syria
7. Madeleine McCann
8. Michael Le Vell
9. Samantha Lewthwaite
10. Margaret Thatcher

And finally, here’s some of the most searched for celebrities… with Noam Chomsky roundly beaten by Michelle Keegan AGAIN.

Yahoo Most Searched Celebrities

1. One Direction
2. Miley Cyrus
3. Kim Kardashian
4. Cheryl Cole
5. Susanna Reid
6. Helen Flanagan
7. Katie Price
8. Kelly Brook
9. Jennifer Aniston
10. Michelle Keegan

I hope next year Yahoo reveal how many people are using Yahoo to search for “Google”.

James O’Malley