5 Stylish Digital DAB Radios

Slowly but surely everyone is moving over to digital radio. Not only does it give better sound quality, but you’ll have more choice of stations too. When they first launched DAB radios were ugly, functional devices – but now they’re looking a whole lot more stylish. Here’s our pick of the best.

James O’Malley

One thought on “5 Stylish Digital DAB Radios

  • Unfortunately the introduction to this piece perpetuates a myth about DAB: in fact, DAB gives much WORSE sound quality than FM because far more stations have been crammed in than the system was designed for. The proof? In London, the majority of stations on DAB are in MONO, compared with the high-quality stereo of FM. The UK's obsolete DAB system has been rejected by most other countries and will fail here because internet radio gives much better sound quality and offers a far wider choice of stations. And the battery life of DAB sets is terrible compared with simpler FM models.

    DAB sets are heavily promoted because they generate more profit for the manufacturers than FM models.

    Most people are still rejecting DAB: even now, the majority of radios sold can't receive DAB broadcasts, If FM is ever switched off, it certainly won't be DAB which replaces it.

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