Proper bling – Happy Plugs' £10,000 gold earphones

happyplugs-gold.jpg I don’t know about you but i am always losing my earphones! If I had these beauties though I guess I’d be a bit more careful with them because Happy Plugs’ latest set of in-ear phones are finished in ulp, 18-carat solid gold.

Made by a Swedish goldsmith in Stockholm who creates the headphones by hand from 25 grams of gold they can be ordered from September 6th for a price of a price of 11.000 Euro ($14.500 USD). Around £10k…

If that’s is bling it a little too much you can opt for metallic colored headphones in gold and silver for a slightly more affordable 24.99 Euro ($29.99 USD) and 34.99 Euro ($39.99 USD) respectively. I think the dog costs extra.

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Ashley Norris