Liverpool is America's best known British city (apart from London) – but Paris and Wales make the top ten

There’s a really lovely survey over at Blog Session which is well worth checking out. The writer, Stacey Cavanagh asked 1000 Americans to name a British city that wasn’t London, and the results are fascinating.

In top place, is not Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh or Cardiff, but Liverpool. I wonder if more than anything else this represents the incredible popularity even today of The Beatles. That Macca fella has lot to answer for.

Manchester grabbed second slot with Leeds just beating off Cambridge. Glasgow and Edinburgh were nowhere in sight which I think underlines the confusion our Transatlantic cousins have in differentiating between Great Britain and England – not that we are too hot on that either!

The weird bit is that Wales came in sixth and at number ten is that great British metropolis Paris! Also popular were Chelsea, Queens (which I think is a actually a borough of New York) and Essex – maybe TOWIE is a bigger US hit than we know.


Ashley Norris