IFA 2013 – Toshiba drops innovative Camileo X-Sports sportscam

Samsung and Sony might have dominated the first day of IFA 2013 but there are plenty of their consumer electronics companies with interesting stuff at the show.

Like Toshiba, which has just unveiled the Camileo X-Sports sportscam, which has quite a few interesting features.

The camera, which sports a 5.08cm (2.0″) embedded LCD display, is designed to be used in high octane situations – think adrenalin sports and more, and not surprisingly features a robust waterproof casing that’s effective up to 60 metres. Itis pretty tough without the casing too though and can withstand a drop of up to 1.5 metres.

One clever feature is a wireless remote control for the camera in the guise of wrist band. This means that users can control the camera without having to take their eyes of what the cliff faces, approaching waves etc.

It also comes with mounting accessories so that it can be housed in a number of ways such as stuck on a helmet or attached to a board.

Usefully it is Wi-Fii enabled for uploading images and it has on bespoke app which enables users to control the camera from their phone.

Resolution is Full HD 1080p with up to 60 frames per second and there is also a high
performance 12MP CMOS sensor. An ultra-wide angle lens to capture the full picture. The Camileo X-Sports has an ultra-wide angle lens to capture the full picture and, cleverly photos can be shot continuously, in bursts or at set time intervals, while action scenes can be recorded as looping video.

There’s an image stabilisation system on board and it is compatible with micro-SD, miniHDMI and micro-USB.

It will be on sale in Q4 – so October then – and there are no details yet on its price.

Ashley Norris