YO! Sushi's Robot Drone flying waiter

yosushi.pngThis is really something else. In fact it had me checking the date to ensure that it wasn’t from April 1st.

Anyway everyone’s favourite Japanese food emporium YO! Sushi has unveiled the iTray, a flying robot that takes food directly to diners.

It sounds like its customised Drone quadrocopter – that one from Parrot I guess – which is remotely controlled with an iPad.

It is being used at the chain’s Soho branch for when customers order one of the restaurant’s new YO! Burgers.

Apparently the drone can travel up 25 miles per hour which brings a new meaning to the term fast food. It knows where to go as it is directed to the customer’s table using its camera.

Worryingly for waiting staff it doesn’t expect tips either.

The company says that if the iTray is a hit it will roll it out in other stores in coming months. There must be a shed load of health and safety issues to overcome, but at least this is a fun use for a Drone.

Ashley Norris