Sony drops a pair of MP3 Walkmans – the NWZ-E380 and NWZ-E580

sonywalkmans.jpgDoes anyone still buy standalone MP3 players? Apparently so, because Sony is back with a pair of new Walkmans that it believes are perfect for the holiday season.

Design-wise the Walkman E580 MP3 (and the E-360 ofr that matter) resembles an old school iPod mini, but with a colour screen, an aluminium body and brighter colours.

The big story is that it will play music back for 77 hours from one charge. There’s also 16 gigabytes worth of storage and you can watch video and see images on its two inch screen.

You can load tracks onto the player via either Windows Explorer or iTunes. Other features include Clear Phase.DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine), which restores those subtle high frequency details that get lost when you’re listening to heavily-compressed digital music files. VPT (Virtualphones Technology) adds an extra dimension to your listening with the authentic ambience of a studio, club or arena. There’s also an FM radio thrown in and compatibility with high level FLAC audio files.

The NWZ-E380 has a slightly smaller screen, half the storage at 8 Gigabytes and 33 hour battery life.

The Walkman NWZ-E380 video MP3 player from Sony is available in the UK from July in blue, red or black. The Walkman NWZ-E580 will be available in black from August. Now news yet on price.

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Ashley Norris


  • I'm in the market for a large-capacity Mp3 player. 64g would be nice, 128 would be better. It need only play audio, but it must play mp3s. Line out, headphone out, drag-n-drop interface (line in would be nice) $150 max price.

  • I agree with Edward, where is the extra storage? The battery life is impressive though and it's a selling point. I do need a new mp3 player…

  • LAME, LAME, LAME! With storage getting so cheap, why the ^($^*$% are these only 16G? Why is it so hard to make a 64 GB flash mp3 player??? WHY?!?

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