Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – a multi-pronged attack on the iPhone 5S?

note-2-top.jpegYou know how Samsung has offered lots of different versions of its Galaxy S4 mobile. Well might it be about to do the same thing with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

This much we know that the Note 3 is expected to land later this year and be touting a six inch – or thereabouts screen. However this bit of detective work from the AndroidBeat site suggests that the Note might come in as many as five different variations.

They might be simple tweaks – like for example a dual SIM version, but then again they might be more complex than that. It is even possible that the flagship phone might even have different types of screens with Samsung mulling over using AMOLED displays as well as IZGO ones made by Sharp. One version might be aluminum while another plastic. It could even deliver a an ultra high end super expensive model – I am sure that the demand would be there for it.

It does need to get the Note 3 right. After cracking open the Phablet aka big screen phone market open it is now under serious attack from Sony with its very impressive 6.4inch full HD screen Xperia Z Ultra.

There also remains the possibility that the Apple iPhone 6 will play in the Phablet space with a five inch plus screen. Samsung needs a new flagship product to take some of the sting out of the launch of the iPhone 5S and possibly iPhone 6 launch too.

A really good launch from Apple could see some of the momentum taken out of the Korean company’s bandwagon. However offering two flagship phones, as opposed to Apple’s one, could be a winning strategy.

Interesting times ahead.

Ashley Norris