Oasis coming to Spotify very soon

Last month it was Pink Floyd, Now it seems like Oasis are set to be the latest Spotify refuse-niks to add their catalogue to the music streaming service.

There’s no news when yet, but the band’s management Ignition, says it is all a matter of timing.

Oddly both Noel and Liam’s post Oasis albums are on the platform. Also there are Oasis albums on YouTube too, but so far the band have resisted making available Definitely Maybe, (What’s The Story) Morning Glory?, Dig Out Your Soul and our favourite the much under rated Be Here Now.

“It is the case that historically the Oasis catalogue isn’t on Spotify in the UK, but we’re talking to Spotify at the moment to address that – and it will be addressed very soon,” Ignition Records director John Leahy told Music Week.

Ignition co-owner Alec McKinlay, who has worked with the band since 1993, added: “It’s purely a matter of timing. If you’re working with artists in any part of the industry, you have to engage with fans in the way they want you to.”

Here’s a few other bands who haven’t yet signed up, but curiously have made their work available via YouTube.

Ashley Norris

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