Apple targets students by offering £35 of apps with iPhone 5

iPhone5offer.jpgOne key market sector where Apple is quite possibly facing tough competition recently is in the student market. Lots of youngsters quite possibly can’t afford both a tablet and phone so you can see the appeal of Phablet models like the Samsung Galaxy Note.

The more cash-strapped students are probably just opting for cheaper smartphones.

Anyhow in a bid to tempt more students into buying the iPhone 5 (and cynics might say reducing the backlog before the 5S lands in the autumn) Apple is offering £35 of apps free with each purchase.

And you don’t have to spend it on boring educational stuff too it covers games, music, books and more. You get a similar coupon if you buy an iPad and £70 worth of stuff if you invest in a Mac.

To qualify you must be a university student, a student accepted to a university, a parent buying for a university student or a faculty or staff member at any level.

More details here.

Ashley Norris