Phones 4u first in the UK to announce the Sony Xperia Z Ultra

After yesterday’s launch Phones 4u has confirmed that it will stock the newly announced Sony Xperia Z Ultra when it launches in the UK sometime during the summer.

Anyone who wants the huge 6.4inch full HD screen mobile can register now on the Phones 4u site.

Scott Hooton, Chief Commercial Officer at Phones 4u, comments: “Sony broke the mold with the Xperia Z and continues to bring to the market new technology built with innovation, durability, entertainment, speed and exceptional design in mind. Our customers looking for the very latest handsets will be pleased to see to see the Xperia Z Ultra added to our extensive range of 4G smartphones this summer.”

In case you missed the launch yesterday here are five things you need to know about the phone and a quick video walk through of some of its features.

Ashley Norris