Is Sony next to offer stock Android with a version of the Xperia Z?

sony_xperia_z_2.jpgI like quite a lot of what Sony is doing in the mobile and tablet space at the moment this looks like it is going to be a good move too.

Android Geeks is speculating that the Japanese maker is the latest to be swayed by the potential of stock Android and will release a version of its flagship phone, the Xperia Z, in that format very soon.

In case you missed the buzz about stock Android it means that the phone is available without all the software that the software and interfaces etc that the maker adds. The first stock Android phone to get the nod was the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition, announced at the Google I/O conference.

Since then other makers including HTC and LG have hinted that they too will offer stock Android handsets, so Sony is in many ways the only big name not have offer it.

Android Geeks suggest that Sony will partner with Google to make the project happen.

Sounds interesting. So what about you. Is stock Android really the way to go, or would you miss all those extra bits and bobs?

Ashley Norris