Apple announces iPhone trade-in programme. But would it work in the UK?

o2_iphone_uk.jpgSome fairly interesting news coming out of the Apple camp tonight. Bloomberg is reporting that the US consumer electronics giant is about to unveil a trade in programme for its iPhones.

The deal is that if you own an older model you will be able to take it to an Apple Store and swap it for money off new products. The theory is that it might encourage those people who still have the iPhone 3GS for example to finally swap it for a shiny new iPhone 5 or even the 5S when it launches in the autumn.

The phones that Apple collects are then sold off to customers in emerging markets.
The concept of trading in an old phone isn’t a new one, especially not in the UK where there are countless sites which will give you cash for your old handset.

However the lure of offering a trade-in price in the Apple store will surely tempt more puters into upgrading and hopefully Apple will launch it in the UK soon too.

Apparently Brightstar Corp., a mobile-phone distributor, is partnering with Apple to run the exchange programme.

Ashley Norris

One thought on “Apple announces iPhone trade-in programme. But would it work in the UK?

  • I would do this.

    Depends on how much money off the new more expensive iPhone.

    I can still get £200+ for my 4S….

    So if the deal is awful I would rather keep the 4S at the moment anyway. I will be awaiting for the 6S before I upgrade.

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