Pure drops the Evoke F4 high-end digital/internet radio

pureradio.pngPure has added a top end digital radio to its range in the guise of the Evoke F4. The £179.99 model tunes into both digital and internet radio and can also hook up to Pure’s Jongo multiroom music system.

The Evoke F4 can be used on its own or, if users add extra Jongo speakers or adapters, on the same Wi-Fi network as part of a multiroom system. Pure have also added Bluetooth to enable casual streaming from mobile devices.

The radio is compatible with over 15 million music tracks from the Pure Music subscription service and it comes with Pure’s tagging technology so that by pressing the tag button a listener can find out the track and artist name.

It accesses content stored on other devices via the Pure Connect app for iPhone, iPad and Android via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Other features included energy efficient Class-D audio amplification, DSP (digital signal processing) loudspeaker correction, equalisation and sound profiling, live internet and digital radio recording to a USB memory stick, instant and timed recordings; touch-sensitive controls; large clear graphical OLED display; multiple alarms; a sleep and kitchen timer; input for an iPod or MP3 player and a headphone socket

It goes on sale in June. More here.

Ashley Norris

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