The Shiny Shiny guide to Espresso Makers and Coffee Machines

Even when times are hard, our commitment to ‘proper coffee’ is looking like it’s here to stay, with many of us still willing to fork out the equivalent of your lunch budget for a cup of the ol’ Joe each morning. However, as our addiction has set in, so has our increasing demand to reproduce coffee shop results at home. Any barista worth their salt will tell you making good coffee is an art, but results will only ever be as good as the technology you’re using, so this means investing in a coffee machine to do the job.

There’s a multitude of coffee machines on offer now: From retro stove tops to one-touch bean to cup do-it-all machines, with mind boggling features and budgets to match. Here’s our top 10 machines for you discerning coffee snobs out there…

Ashley Norris