Survey says… Samsung and Apple now neck and neck in UK popularity

The team at are a busy lot. Barely a week goes out without them sending over the results of some type of survey.

This week’s one is perhaps the most interesting in a while as they asked punters – 1,358 Britons aged 18 or over – to name the mobile phone brand they preferred.

And it turns out now that Apple and Samsung are now neck and neck with 74 and 70% respectively of people naming them as top brands. The downside of the poll is that respondents could give multiple replies – which undermines it a little. Nevertheless still interesting and HTC will be cheered to know that it is in third place followed by BlackBerry Sony and Nokia.

The full list is below.

Apple – 74%
Samsung – 70%
HTC – 64%
Blackberry – 51%
Sony – 46%
Nokia – 32%
Motorola – 24%
LG – 19%
ZTE – 12%
Alcatel – 7%

The website also asked respondents if they thought Samsung will ever usurp Apple, to which more than a third, 36%, said ‘no’.

Mark Pearson, Chairman of, said this about the survey.

“Samsung’s definitely increased in popularity over the last year according to site searches and sales on our site and it’s no surprise that the company is catching up with Apple. Apple is obviously facing a lot of competition and Samsung is probably the one who’s giving them the hardest time, which is not a bad thing for us customers, as it challenges them to innovate even more. But even if the competition is getting tougher, it looks like Apple will still be leading the market for a while, at least in the eyes of those that matter – buyers.”

Ashley Norris