Hands on with the Camera Demon – a must for outdoor sports lovers

camera demon.jpg
So you fancy taking images and recording video on the slopes – or whatever scary outdoor pursuit that takes your fancy – but you don’t want to spend cash on an action cam when you have a perfectly good compact camera at home. What do you do?

Well a cool little accessory that is marketed in the UK by Proporta might just be what you are looking for.

The Camera Demon is a fuss-free way of attaching your camera to your helmet using a standard 1/4-inch thread (which makes it compatible with almost any snapper) so that you can capture that all footage. It doesn’t look like much – it basically consists of a chunk of plastic with rubber washer and metal screw thread set on a 3M adhesive pad.

However I can vouch for the fact that it not only works but works really well.

Attaching the Demon to your helmet first involves ensuring that the helmet is dust free by giving it a quick clean. Then you attach the adhesive 3M pad to the helmet. And boy is it sticky! Once it is in place it is going nowhere.

You then place the thread mount with your camera on to the bracket and secure it by tightening it. This is the slightly tricky bit, but once in place it too is rock solid.

Then it is a matter of pressing record on your camera and off you go.

To test the demon we took it round a Go Kart track in Hertfordshire (see vid below) and in spite of the speeds and the bumps it worked brilliantly in enabling the camera to capture some high octane footage.

There are a few limitations. For example you could place a digital SLR on the bracket, but it isn’t really advisable. It is also quite fiddly to move around once in place, in fact to remove the adhesive pad you need to blast it with a hair dryer.

Ultimately though this is £25 accessory and if you have a compact at that you want to take with you next time you hit the slopes or shoot off on your mountain bike then this represents excellent value for money.

More info here.

Ashley Norris