Are LG about to out-Samsung their rival and deliver flexible displays?

One of the big developments in smartphone technology over the next few years is likely to be the introduction of flexible displays. Not that they will enable us to have smartphones that bend – not until they patent flexible internal components anyhow.

But it will mean that displays will be a lot less breakable than they are now and those £50 cracked screen upgrades will be a thing of the past.

But which maker is likely to get there first with flexible displays? It was always assumed that Samsung would have the edge over its rivals in this sphere but apparently not.

A report in the Korea Times states that LG is working on flexible displays and it “aims to ship its first batch of flexible displays later this year.”

The company has been investing heavily in flexible displays, but not many industry watchers expected it to deliver something as groundbreaking in 2013.

Samsung is also working on flexible displays – and it paraded its Youm concept at CES 2013, but it has always as said that the technology if not yet ready for mass production.

Ashley Norris