Roll up screens not coming on mobiles for a while yet says Corning

Fancy a phone or a tablet – or maybe even a watch – that features a flexible roll up screen?

Well according to one of the companies at the forefront this technology devices with this type of screens are still a few years away.

Corning, the company that makes the super-tough Gorilla Glass that you find in many handsets, says that it will be at least three years before makers start to make products with flexible glass.

The company is banking on its flexible glass technology as premiered in its bendy Willow glass, will be huge in the future.

But company president James Clappin believes that the world just isn’t ready for rollable electronic devices yet.

“People are not accustomed to glass you roll up, ” he told Bloomberg.

“The ability of people to take it and use it to make a product is limited.”

The company is said to be working with Apple and Samsung educating them about the potential of Willow, but it sounds like it will be a while yet before we see the fruits of those discussions.

Ashley Norris

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