Major Flipboard upgrade now lets users create their own magazines

flipboard-mag.jpgFlipboard, the iPad/iPhone/Android app which enables users to flick through social media and content updates in magazine style, has been quiet for a while and now we know why.

It has just announced a new version which lets users create their own magazines.

In a bid to rival curation sites like Pinterest and offer something different to aggregation sites platforms like Rebelmouse Flipboard has now made it simple for people to collect, save and share stories, videos and photos in a magazine style. Users create a magazine, then fill it with content, including their own cover, and then share it with their friends. So in theory a person could create their own cooking magazine full of articles about their favourite recipes, or a magazine that had their top tech stories.

Flipboard says creating a magazine is a simple process

To get started a reader taps the + button on any Flipboard item, selects “Create Magazine” then gives the magazine a title, adds a description and selects a category. They can keep adding items to the magazine to tell a story, share a perspective or inspire others. For each item that’s flipped into a magazine, attribution back to the source is preserved, and if the content is from a social network interactions such as commenting, retweeting or liking are reflected back to the originating social network.

To help users find content Flipboard has also launched Content Search which lets readers find anything being shared on Flipboard.

At the moment the mag offering is just for Apple iOS users – it will apparently be ready for Android soon.

There’s more on the story here.

Ashley Norris