JustMigrate makes your Posterous to Tumblr move quick, easy and free


We’ve all had a little cry about the fact Twitter is closing down Posterous at the end of April (well, the three of us that still used it), but now you’re over the shock phase it’s time to think about what to do with all of your Posterous content before it withers and dies.

There are lots of ways to transfer your posts, photos and videos to other blogging services, but today Lifehacker has published a post all about JustMigrate, a free and easy service to move all of your Posterous Spaces content over to Tumblr.

To get started, all you have to do is type you username into the app, allow it to access your Tumblr account and it’ll sort out the rest for you. It supports everything from Posterous Spaces, including audio, image, text and posts with video too. It’ll also transfer tags, titles, post dates and more, tidying everything up so it works well and looks awesome on your shiny new Tumblr blog.

Of course it doesn’t pull over any comments, because Tumblr doesn’t natively support them, but for everything else it’s your best bet. Let’s just hope no one plans to close Tumblr down anytime soon, or there’ll be a lot of sad pretentious fashion bloggers and One Direction fans.

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Becca Caddy