Fancy watching your Facebook feed as a daily TV show!? Social Studios has the app

Now this is a really smart idea. Over the past few years there have been countless ways to see the info from your Facebook feed in different formats. Flipboard,the magazine style version of your feed for the iPad is one that comes to mind and is still massively popular.

Now here’s a Facebook app that also has huge potential – Social Studios has developed an app that turns the information from your Facebook news feeds in to a daily personalised TV show.

You can watch the video above to get an idea of how it works, but basically it mixes videos, images and status updates to let you know what has been happening that day to your friends.

To give it that TV show veneer the company have employed Noa Tishby – who is probably hugely popular in the US but means zip to Brits – to present it. So she says things like ‘here’s your top three videos for the day’ before presenting that cat video your sister posted and your mate’s band’s gig footage etc.

It is a really sweet idea and I think it could be massively viral very quickly. It is still in beta and I couldn’t get it to work in London this morning, but it should be available and everywhere soon.

It does have some drawbacks. You have to use Google Chrome to watch the video and also it doesn’t seem to work (yet) on tablets or mobile devices.

It will probably seem a little cheesy to British users too given its very American Entertainment Tonight type format.

However it is clear that the LA/Israeli based start up is on to something. Imagine if they could mix in hyper local news too. Or maybe news about musicians or film stars you are passionate about? What about your own personalised music show with clips and interviews from the rock stars you love?

Anyhow check it out – you have to downland the app from Facebook – as I think this could be huge.

Ashley Norris

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