APP OF THE DAY: Sunrise is your new fave calendar assistant


Here at Shiny Shiny we’re big fans of apps and services that aim to make us more productive and generally just better at life, which is why we were keen to test out a new calendar app that’s been getting all of our Twitter followers REALLY excited.

Launched today by former designers from Foursquare, Sunrise is a slick calendar app, which has garnered a lot of attention in a matter of hours due to its super simplistic approach to keeping you organised.

It combines your current calendars with Facebook events, Linkedin (so you can see the faces of people you might be meeting for business events), birthdays, weather forecasts based on your location and even Google Maps so you know where you’re going.

We’ve only been playing with Sunrise this afternoon and already we love many of its features, like the really quick ways you can add events, location tagging, the intuitive interface and the fact you can accept and decline Facebook events all from within the app, making it your go-to place for everything you may need to make a note of.


Becca Caddy