TWITTER: Update makes photos and videos bigger and bolder

twitter-image copy.jpg

Another day, another new feature from the guys at Twitter HQ. Today it’s not an all singing, all dancing new app, but just a few tweaks to the way you view photos and videos on the micro-blogging platform.

Now when you click on an image when you’re browsing through a user’s feed or amongst search results, a blown up version will take over the page (as above), so you don’t have to navigate away anywhere else.

As well as images getting a revamp, videos that are from the Vine app, YouTube or Vimeo will also start appearing soon in the media gallery alongside regular images.

The update comes at a perfect time when we’ve all been crazily making little Vine videos and visual media is clearly paramount for the Twitter team at the moment in order to get people sharing more and create a more engaging experience.

[Via Twitter Blog]

Becca Caddy