myLED: UK Kickstarter project brings light notifications to the iPhone

my-led-kickstarter.jpgmyLED is a clever light notification system for iPhones and iPads that flashes when you have a missed call, FaceTime call, Skype call, email, Twitter notification or text message, so you know what’s going on (well, kind of) without looking at the screen.

The tiny little accessory slots into your headphone jack and you simply pop it in, switch on the myLED app and specify what you’d like to be notified about, whether it’s missed calls or emails. You can also customise the flashing lights too, so have it flash for a certain time or select a different pattern for different notifications.

At first we were irritated by the fact it eats up the headphone jack, WHERE WILL ALL OUR MUSICS GO? :(:(:(, but it comes with a headphones clip, so when it’s not in use it can be safely stowed away and won’t get lost.

The myLED team decided to create the gadget due to the fact light systems work so well with other devices:

“We used to have Blackberrys and got accustomed to the extremely handy notification light. When we migrated to the iPhone and the iPad we felt the devices had a major deficiency in the lack of external notification i.e. to check for missed activities you must switch the screen on. This can be particularly inconvenient, for example when the device is on silent mode such as in the office, at meetings, lectures or when you are in noisy environments.

“From this need we decided to find a better way to get notifications from our iPhones and iPads; so we created myLED.”

They’re currently seeking funding on Kickstarter and we imagine the quirky and simple light system will be a real hit among some iPhone owners, and of course annoy the hell out of others.

Check out myLed on Kickstarter now.

Becca Caddy