Tyra Banks' Smize Yourself! app will make you more attractive like her


If you’ve been lucky enough to avoid finding out what a “smize” is up until now, then let us enlighten you, it’s a smile with your eyes. So not a cheesy, happy smile that a hot supermodel would ever be seen dead doing (eww, gross), just a subtle smile that leaves your mouth emotionless but your eyes full of pretty and uh.. smile. What? Did you expect it to actually make sense? Oh silly rabbit.

It’s something Tyra Banks says a LOT on America’s Next Top Model and she seems to think it’s a surefire way of separating regular looking girls from super hot supermodel types.

If you thought avoiding all terrible reality TV shows would mean you’d never come across crap like this, then think again. Tyra Banks and her team have decided that the smize is something that they could totally make a tonne of money from, so they’ve released an app that uses facial manipulation technology in order to take any boring photo with regular, unattractive expressions and turn them into awesome, beautiful smizes. Or something like that.

Well, you can give yourself huge tits, make yourself look fat, see what you look like when you’re old and turn your face into a zombie, so why wouldn’t you expect to make your eyes look more attractive and just like Tyra’s?

According to Tyra women contact her all the time and ask her if they’re “smizing” (anyone else really sick of this non-word already?), so this way she can educate the masses and make sure we’re all doing it right and look the best we possibly can when we’re taking photos for our Linkedin and online dating profiles. Phew, I was just about to take a realistic photo of my actual face, but whatever you say Banksy.

We get it, it’s all tongue-in-cheek and Tara fanatics will love it, we probably shouldn’t take it so seriously and all that usual stuff we’re told when we question how ridiculous and pointless an app is. After all, the way Tyra has made a fortune from her own brand is pretty admirable and no matter how ridiculous Smize Yourself! may seem to me and you, we’d bet some of our relatives on the fact that tonnes of men and women are now sat gurning at their phones trying to create that perfect Tyra smize. Good luck.

Unfortunately for UK readers, Smize Yourself! is only available to those in the US at the moment (iTunes $1.99), so we’ll have to stay unattractive and unloved until it’s available on this side of the pond.

[Via Mashable]

Becca Caddy