Pintofeed: This gadget looks after your pets so you don't have to


As much as you may love your little cat or puppy or hamster-y thing it can be a real pain in the ass to remember to feed them. But unfortunately, like most living things, they need those overpriced bone-shaped treats regularly. So that’s why the Pintofeed is pretty revolutionary when it comes to household gadgets, because it’s a wi-fi connected pet feeding device that’ll allow you to use your phone and not your limbs to feed your pets.

You can fill the Pintofeed with up to 10lbs of food and then press the button to release half-cup servings whenever you please. If you’re using the gadget when you go away there are all kinds of safeguards to ensure it doesn’t let you down, like battery backup, different motors and an alert system if something goes horribly wrong.

But it gets even better, because it doesn’t even rely on you remembering that your animals need to be fed, you can get notifications about feeding times, the size of portion your pet will need and all kinds of other updates via email, text, Twitter and Facebook. Wow, it’s like you can buy a living thing and then put absolutely no effort into keeping it alive and kicking yourself, isn’t it?

We can see how the Pintofeed would be incredibly handy if you’re going away for a day or two and don’t have anyone to look after Twinkle or Rover. However, we don’t want some lazy losers to be relying on it to feed their pets day in and day out, which we fear will definitely be the case. There’s also a problem for those (crazy) cat people with tonnes of animals, if one’s a little bit greedy and podgy it’s totally going to bully the others ones :(:(:(.

The Pintofeed gadget is currently raising funds over on Indiegogo in the US.

[Via Cnet]

Becca Caddy