Connected Health: This week in health and fitness tech

fitbug-air-big.jpegThe health and fitness tech market is growing rapidly, from wearable tracking devices like the Fitbit to more obscure medical gadgets that could have a big impact on those living with disabilities.

Each week we’ll be bringing you a round-up of the best from Connected Health, our sister site that’s dedicated to the world of health tech, fitness gadgets and awesome apps:

The Fitbug Air is another new Bluetooth self-tracking gadget

A new self-tracking device called the Fitbug Air has launched this month, which monitors the steps you take, the calories you burn and the distance you cover. Yep it sounds the same as every other Fuelband or Fitbit or Up bracelet out there, but its practical design and wireless syncing means it could prove to be a real contender in this space.

LightSleeper will project soothing lights onto your ceiling to lull you to sleep

Most light gadgets are designed to wake you up with a fake sunrise or simulate bright sunshine during the day, but this one hypnotises you into dozing off.

RunKeeper’s Android app gets an update: Leaderboards, Facebook, in-app messaging

Runkeeper’s popular Android app has had an upgrade this week bringing it up to speed with the iOS version with features like deeper Facebook integration and leaderboards.

Wahoo takes on Withings, launches Bluetooth scale

Wahoo has recently launched the Wahoo Balance, a Bluetooth scale that’s set to give Withings’ offerings a run for their money.

Eye implant allows the blind to see Braille on their retinas

Researchers in the US have been working on a new way to help blind people read Braille that sounds like it’s straight out of a sci-fi movie, by streaming it directly to their retinas.

Becca Caddy