Blue Badge Style: The ultimate lifestyle guide app for the less able


Blue Badge Style is an online lifestyle guide for the less able and it’s just launched a mobile app too, allowing users to find the coolest venues when they’re out and about.

Many venues across London claim to be suitable for those with mobility issues, but when it comes to it there’s just one small ramp outside that’s a bit rubbish and very little inside to make getting around easy or even possible sometimes. Well Blue Badge Style aims to identify places near you, whether they’re restaurants, shops or bars and uses a tick rating system, which grades each place on style, accessibility and special facilities.

Fiona Jarvis, the Founder of Blue Badge Style, has been in a wheelchair for nearly 20 and developed the site and app because she was frustrated with being surprised by the lack of services at different venues:

“Mobility, or the lack of it, doesn’t mean that I’ve lost my sense of style, but I do want to know what to expect before I arrive at a venue. The Blue Badge Style app means that people with limited mobility and equally importantly, their friends, don’t have to be surprised or embarrassed by a lack of accessibility or facilities at a cool venue. It’s freedom shared!”

At the moment the app covers a selected number of European cities and London, given that recent stats show up to 300,000 people in the capital have mobility issues. The team behind Blue Badge Style are kind to bring together a community of like-minded people for whom style and disability are not mutually exclusive and go on to encourage them to rate their favourite restaurants, bars, shops, cafes, theatres and everything else using the app.

Blue Badge Style is available from iTunes and Google Play for free.

Becca Caddy