WARNING: Tumblr maintenance means your Saturday could be completely GIF-free

tumblr-maintenance-page.jpgif you’re a gif-loving, photo collecting hipster you’ll have already logged into your Tumblr account today to find that the site will be down for maintenance this weekend.

According to the message that pops up on your home screen, the team are working hard to improve the performance and reliability of the blogging platform, but that means the site will be down for at least a few hours starting at 9am here in the UK on Saturday morning.

You know what this means boys and girls? We may have to all face up to the shocking prospect of a morning (or god forbid, whole day) without dancing gifs. We know, it’s hard, we might not all make it, but we’ll be here to help you on the other side. Good luck.

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Becca Caddy


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