One Memento: An app that lets you share only one photo. FOREVER


There are so many photo apps on the market at the moment that even we’ve lost sight of those that are good, those that are bad, those that have great filters and those that have the coolest effects, which is probably why we’ve been so loyal to Instagram recently.

So we were really excited to hear about One Memento, which on the surface looks like every other app out there, but is pretty unique in that you can only share just one photo. Yep that’s right, ONE.

The whole idea behind One Memento is that instead of sharing tonnes of meaningless photos you should choose just the one that REALLY means something to you, which is both sweet and weird at the same time.

To get started with One Memento you download the application and connect it up to either your Facebook or Twitter account. You then either take a new photo or pick one from your library and can crop it and add a filter to it as well. The filters look rather vintage, but aren’t the best we’ve come across. Once you’ve made changes to your photo you can submit it and have two hours in which to add a new one if you’re not happy.

Your photo will then be saved to the One Memento library, which only houses 250,000 in total (we were number 2745) forever as part of the photography experiment created by the Robot Corp team.

After adding our photo and scrolling through a lot of the other contributions, it’s clear that in order to appreciate One Memento you need to not view it as a photo app at all but an exploration of memorable moments.

Although we’re not entirely sure the app will catch on and attract 250,000 submissions anytime soon, we certainly think it’s an interesting concept given that we’re so used to over-sharing everything we do, see and eat with the likes of Instagram.

Visit One Memento for more information or download the app for free from iTunes.

Becca Caddy