Connected Health: This week in health and fitness tech

ear-infection-otoscope.jpegThe health and fitness tech market is growing rapidly, from wearable tracking devices like the Fitbit to more obscure medical gadgets that could have a big impact on those living with disabilities.

Each week we’ll be bringing you a round-up of the best from Connected Health, our sister site that’s dedicated to the world of health tech, fitness gadgets and awesome apps:

Doctors now using Facebook as a clever diagnostic tool

Facebook isn’t just a place to share drunken photos and pointless updates, doctors are analysing past photos in order to diagnose patients and pinpoint when problems began.

Web app HealthTap brings patients and doctors together online

HealthTap is a new web application, which provides users with a database of over 15,000 doctors in 115 specialities who can provide them with answers to specific health questions. Take 2 minutes to calm down, breathe and meditate

It may seem a little cheesy at first, but serves up calming videos, sounds and guided meditation to help you chill out throughout the day.

MyFitnessPal’s 30 million users can now sync up with other apps and devices

The MyFitnessPal health and fitness tracking service is going from strength to strength at the moment, with a whopping 30 million users. However, it’s set to become even more popular now that it’s integrated with other apps and gadgets, so you can seamlessly send data.

Striiv launches a fitness tracking app, but do we really need another one?

The team behind the Striiv pedometer have created a new application, which brings gaming and fun to what is essentially just another activity tracking device.

New mobile app and device could help monitor ear infections

Researchers at Georgia Tech University are developing a device and mobile app combo that’ll allow parents to monitor their children’s ears.

Becca Caddy