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wahoo-kickr.jpegThe health and fitness tech market is growing rapidly, from wearable tracking devices like the Fitbit to more obscure medical gadgets that could have a big impact on those living with disabilities.

Each week we’ll be bringing you a round-up of the best from Connected Health, our sister site that’s dedicated to the world of health tech, fitness gadgets and awesome apps:

Sleepio: New training programme for a better night’s sleep

Instead of investing in apps and gadgets that’ll sort out your sleeping woes, new online training programme Sleepio aims to change your attitude to rest through a series of web-based training programmes and CBT techniques.

RunForIt app teams up with charity for virtual runs

A new app devised by UK-based charity Trees for Cities and RunForIt will soon allow people from all over the globe to take part in virtual charity races.

Wahoo KICKR PowerTrainer, a bike powered by your iPhone

Fitness bike and app combo KICKR allows you to control the resistance of your workout all from your smartphone.

Sleep Time iPhone app aims to give you a better night’s sleep

A new kind of alarm clock app that’ll monitor your sleep and help you to stop fidgeting so much in the night.

The Verilux HappyLight perks you up over winter

The new HappyLight from Verilux is smaller, brighter and apparently more effective than any other gadget on the market when it comes to improving your mood throughout the dark winter months.

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